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    Rezvan 3-layer surgical mask with SSMMS fabric (50-piece package)

    Pack of 50 pieces (5 packs of 10), 3-layer mask, protection against COVID-19, sewing press using ultrasonic machine (all-industrial sewing), with special fabric (combination of 3 layers of spun and 2 layers of melon blon in one layer Special called SSMMS)
    SKU: MS3P400
    Old price: 59,900 تومان
    39,750 تومان
    Delivery date: همان روز یا طی 24 ساعت بعد از ثبت سفارش

    The 3ply mask, or surgical mask, is capable of absorbing aerosol particles (air-suspended fluid) and airborne secretions in one of its three layers. COVID-19 virus and other microbes with the smallest size are absorbed by the SSMMS mask layer of the infected person and prevent other people from becoming infected. This mask also protects the consumer against air pollution and influenza virus in the cold seasons of the year. A very important point about surgical masks is that according to the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), if all people in the community use this mask, the incidence in different people will be reduced to 1.5%. Will find. Surgical masks can be used by the general public, especially in crowded environments such as stores and all enclosed spaces. The mask also reaches the consumer directly from the factory and assures the consumer that the product received is genuine and has been supplied correctly.

    Rezvan surgical mask has SSMMS fabric, which is made of a combination of two layers of Melon Blon and three layers of spunbond. SSMMS fabric has both strength and water-repellent properties of spunbond and microbial filtration properties of Bellon nation.

    It is worth mentioning that Rezvan mask is divided into 10-piece packages in a box of 50, so it has a very complete and orderly packaging.

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