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    FFP3 N99 Type V Respiratory Mask (V-Type) without Nano Respi Valve (Rima) Monochrome Pack of 10

    Manufacturer: Respinano-RIMA
    These masks contain two nano-layers between their protective spun-bond layers. They have an efficiency of about 99% in trapping particles of 0.3 microns, and this pressure drop is slightly lower than other masks (which makes breathing easier).
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    Nima Rima Nano Layered Breathable Masks 99 Rima (Nano Layered N99 Mask Raspiano) have FFP3 and N99 standards in terms of trapping and pressure relief performance.

    These respirators contain two layers of electrospun nanofibers between their protective spunbond layers. They also have fixators on the nose and can be easily adjusted on the face.

    The valveless FFP3 respirator is capable of trapping 99% of particles of 0.3 microns and a pressure drop of less than 70 Pascals. It is practical.

    Small size Nano Nima Rima 3D mask (N99 NanoFiber Mask) consists of a layer of 60 g spunbond and 2 layers of composite spunbond and 40 g SMS multimeter with 2 layers of i99 nano-fibers and well the respiratory system Protects against all kinds of infections and pathogens. The total weight of these layers is between 190 and 195 grams per square meter.

    This product has obtained numerous approvals and certifications, including nanoscale approval, manufacturing license from the General Directorate of Medical Equipment, health license of the Food and Drug Administration, and several ISO standard certifications.

    Nanoscale Technologists Company (manufacturer of Raspiano Nima breathing masks with Rima brand) has succeeded in producing N99 class of breathing masks based on NIOSH standard, which is the American standard for producing breathing masks.

    Rima fish masks (fish type masks or known as three-dimensional masks) are produced and supplied in 10-digit packages in vacuum and sterilized form.

    99% efficiency for all types of suspended particles above 0.3 microns (chemical, microbial, environmental contaminants, bacteria and viruses)

    - Proper design to minimize air leakage around the mask

    - Light weight and thin structure with special technology

    - Low pressure drop for easy breathing

    - Has a manufacturing license number 30513976 from the General Department of Medical Equipment

    - Certified: ISO 9001-2015, ISO 13485-2016, ISO 10002, GMP Certified, FFP3 quality certificate and nanoscale certificate

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