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    Creative Medical Pulse Oximeter

    Very high accuracy, perfect build quality, has a one-year warranty from Persian Ideal System Company
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    The finger pulse oximeter is a non-invasive diagnostic medical instrument for measuring arterial blood oxygen saturation. This instrument, while small and inexpensive, is of vital diagnostic value and helps physicians and patients diagnose a dangerous condition of hypoxemia (hypersaturation). Slowly

    Creative Medical brand finger pulse oximeter with high accuracy (error less than one percent) and response speed of less than 5 seconds is one of the most reputable brands in the field of oximetry.

    This small device that counts hemoglobins that carry blood oxygen in clips (clips) by connecting to the tips of fingers and toes, nose tips and earlobes and shows its number as a percentage of total blood hemoglobins. Observing a higher number equal to 94% in people indicates a normal oxygen level, 93-90% is a warning status and less than 90% is a danger sign and indicates a serious disorder in the health status of the person.

    In addition to displaying blood oxygen saturation, the Creative Medical Pulse Oximeter displays the heart rate (RPM) as well as the heart rate waveform. The heart rate is in the range of 60-100, depending on the physiology, gender, age and weight of each person.

    Another parameter that can be seen on the device is Pi% or plethysmography impedance, which is displayed as a percentage and indicates the amount of blood volume and cardiac output. Display of the number between 5-15% is suitable for normal people in the range.

    The screen of the OLED device is four colors and it has the ability to rotate in four directions up, down, left and right for better reading.

    Screen brightness parameters, alarm range setting, alarm volume can be changed in the settings screen.

    The device has European standard 13485ISO and CE and also has a one-year warranty.

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