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    Aren19 home UV disinfectant 19)

    Surface and environment disinfectant, has a pre-set program, suitable for home and office environment, licensed by the General Directorate of Medical Equipment of Iran,
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    The Aren-19 disinfectant is designed to disinfect the environment and surfaces to kill the corona virus. Aren-19 kills short-wave UVGI to kill active microorganisms (viruses). Bacteria and fungi) and nucleic acids and disrupt their DNA, thereby disrupting the vital function of viral cells. It is important to know that ultraviolet light has been used for many years to disinfect a wide range of medical and non-medical products such as food disinfectants, surfaces, air and water purifiers, and at a time when the whole world is struggling with Outbreaks appear to be exacerbated during pregnancy and in children.
    Aren-19 is one of the devices that are ready to help us with this world-class technology so that we can easily make our home, workplace and any space we need free of any viruses and bacteria, according to the available information. Ultraviolet with a wavelength of 200-280 nm has the highest antimicrobial properties with UVC conduction and coronavirus is a single-stranded RNV virus similar to SARS virus, which based on research on SARS shows that this type of virus It is sensitive to heat and UVC light and shrinks when exposed to ultraviolet radiation stronger than 290 μw / cm, so it can be concluded that ultraviolet light is able to kill the new corona virus (2019-nCov). Is.

    Arne surface and environment disinfectant kills 19 to 99.99% of bacteria, germs, viruses and H1N1 on hard surfaces and due to its convenient size and small size, it can be easily used at home or while traveling. To be. It should be noted that Arne 19 under various tests has been able to obtain several certifications and prove the killing of the virus and the disinfection of the environment up to the mentioned percentage - this device comes with a warranty.

    Areas of use Arne surface disinfectant 19
    As we have said, this technology has been used for many years in operating rooms, hospitals and many other spaces, and now it has been provided to people in suitable dimensions for proper use in daily life, and you can easily Use it in kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, shoe cabinets, toilets, schools, sports clubs, factories, businesses, hospitals, hypermarkets, pharmacies, swimming pools, etc.

    Guidelines for the use of Arne surface and environment disinfectants 19

    At first, when you connect the device to the power supply, the indicator light below the switch button will turn on flashing and the device is ready to work.

    As you know, Aren 19 surface disinfectant using UVC lamp can disinfect the environment, but to get the best result, you should adjust the on time of the device based on the area of ​​the environment to get the highest efficiency for you. Therefore, there are 4 predefined programs for the device that you can use depending on the area of ​​the environment.

    The Aren 19 surface disinfectant works in the first three modes of the device under the supervision of the motion sensor, by selecting the program on the Aren 19 the motion sensor starts scanning and gives you 36 seconds to leave the place after making sure The absence of people or animals within 8 meters of the motion sensor allows the device to be turned on. Note that the reason for placing the motion sensor on the device is that exposure to UVC light causes burns on the skin and cornea of ​​the eye. Be.

    First case:
    Room size 10 to 20 square meters Operating time in this case 15 minutes

    To activate the first mode, it is enough to press the button once until the LED turns green. This mode is intended for space disinfection between 10 and 20 square meters, which can completely cover this area in 15 minutes. Disinfect.

    Note that when you activate this program, the motion sensor installed on this device starts scanning the environment and gives you 36 seconds to leave the environment to start the device, then when the motion sensor of the device, Detects movement in the environment. Allows the Aren 19 surface disinfectant to turn on, but shuts off automatically as soon as the sensor receives movement in the environment, and allows the sensor to turn on until you leave the environment. Give the device.

    Second case:
    Room size 21 to 40 square meters, operating time in this mode 30 minutes
    To activate the second mode, you can press the power button of the device twice in a row. In this mode, the light turns blue, you can use the second mode to disinfect a space between 21 and 40 square meters. Duration The operation of the device in this mode is 30 minutes so that it can completely disinfect the environment.

    When using the second mode, the motion sensor is activated on the device, and by activating this mode, the Aren 19 device starts scanning its surroundings, in this mode, you will have 36 seconds to start the desired room to start Leave the machine on. After that, if the sensor does not detect any movement in its surroundings, it will allow the Aren 19 surface disinfectant to start working, but at any moment the sensor will move in the environment.

    The device automatically shuts off after leaving the environment again, allowing the sensor to turn on the device again and continue operating.

    Third mode:
    Room size 41 to 60 square meters, operating time in this mode 50 minutes
    To select the third mode, you will start by pressing the start key three times (in a row) and turning on the white indicator light below the start button. This mode is intended for a space of 41 to 60 square meters, the operating time of the device In this case, it is 50 minutes, and after this time, the device will turn off automatically. In this case, people, animals have 36 seconds to leave the environment after starting the device, and if you do not leave the place, Arn 19 will not turn on. شد.

    Fourth mode:
    Automatic processing without motion detection sensor, operation time in this mode 60 minutes
    Please do not use this mode in any way when you are in the desired space, because in this mode, the device will work without a motion sensor.

    The fourth mode will be activated by pressing and holding the start key for 6 seconds, note that in this mode, the program of Arn 19 surface disinfectant will turn on regardless of the presence of people and will work for up to 1 hour.

    Warning :

    Do not use this mode under the presence of people in the environment
    Due to the dangerous UV rays, the human body should not be directly exposed to the lamps of this device. Prolonged exposure to ultraviolet light can lead to acute and chronic skin damage, vision and even damage to the immune system.
    Please note that this device is very efficient and suitable and creates health security for you, but like any product in the world, it has its do's and don'ts that pay attention to the obligations of using the product for you, we also use this device to maintain your health as best as possible. We definitely recommend you to buy it, but we emphasize that no person or living thing is present in the environment when the device is turned on.
    Under no circumstances should the device be turned on in the presence of people in the environment, as it causes burns in the cornea of ​​the eyes and skin, which may cause irreparable damage, so it is recommended at the end of working time or when at home and in the environment. Do not use it according to the instructions of the device.