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    5-layer mask KN 95

    It has 5 layers with high filtration capability, 10-package
    52,000 تومان

    The N95 mask is one of the top corona masks in the international arena due to the technology of activated carbon and full ultrasonic nanoparticles and due to the layers used inside this mask.

    This mask has 5 layers consisting of one layer of SSMMS, two layers of Melon Blong 25 grams and two layers of quality Span.

    This mask is fully functional for a variety of hospital, public, office and home environments.

    Mask type: N95 with full press layers

    First layer: 60 g sponge band

    The second layer: the protective layer of Blon Nation 25 g

    Third layer: the protective layer of Blon Nation 25 g

    Layer 4: SSMMS Nation Layer, 17 g

    Fifth layer: Spanish band 25 grams

    UV disinfected (ultraviolet)

    This mask is available in a package of 10 and in white, blue, green and black colors.

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